Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello all,
Thanks for such a incredible response to Mortal Plush!
We seem to be getting the same questions about the show, so I wanted to post them to keep everyone updated.


Q. Will the artists selected get a copy of the book?
A. Yes! All artists selected will receive a complimentary
copy of the book

Q. How many pieces can I submit?
A. Up to four pieces per registration

Q. Can my piece have “hard” elements like eyes etc.?
A. Yes! Be creative as long as the work is easily
recognized as plush.

Q. Does my piece have to be ready to hang or can it sit on a podium?
A. All work must have a sewn on loop or be mounted
on a plaque, wall hung base, or shelf unless it is a very large piece.

Q. How many artists will be chosen for the show?
A. We are looking for as many quality plush art works that show TRUE emotion as we can find.