Monday, June 22, 2009


THANKS so much to everyone who entered art work for the show "Mortal Plush: I am not your toy". We got alot of amazing entries which really made our job of narrowing down the artists a hard one. It is going to be an amazing show!

Here they are:

Yanique Moore – HEROINE Boudoir
Diane Koss- Cutesy but not Cutesy
Jennifer Novack
Melissa Morgan
Tobiah P. Mundt- Licorice Tree
Jill & Erin Lynch - Dolls for Friends
Denise Ferguson - Yummy Pancake
Glenda Rolle
Sharon Baldwin
Amy Abatangle
Claire Streatfield- Fur Will Fly
Heather Saunders- The Needlings
Rebecca Mullinix
Kit Lane
Lauren Jacobs
Adi Keren
Beth Baldwin
Elisabeth Doherty
Jessie Mansbacher
Lisa M. Dalton
Jessica Puckett- Plushroom Soup
Anne Kirn
Unke & Jeremy Asher Lynch
Chelsea Bloxsom- Love & a Sandwich
Dawn Forbes
Sharon Baldwin
Paulina Poczęta
Augusto Lorenzo
Brigette Zacharczenko- Weird Bug Lady
Ellen Ault
Christine Hwang
Emily Beaulieu- Follow the White Rabbit
Becky Gould- Scrumptious Delight
Andrew Caridi
Nikki Jedic
April Ward-Stanbrook
Daniel Allyn Lee
Emilie Grau
Paul- Stitches and glue
Katie Paul
Laura Granlund
Melissa Sue Stanley
Heather Gargon
Augusto Lorenzo
Lana Crooks
Stephanie Livingston
Kerry Flaherty
Christine Hwang
Lindsay Mays
Scarlett Suhy-Pons
Anat- BOO- BA Dolls
Kathleen Granados
Jada Bowden
Stephanie Livingston
Suzannah Eller
Tragic Stitches by Erina
Sarah Carrier
Melissa Sung
Bianca Kolendo

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